Industrial Sector: How Leaders are Driving Change

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Key Takeaways

⇨ What drives change at an organization.

⇨ The op areas of change that an organization is facing.

⇨ The challenges faced when driving change.

Managing change is an essential function of any technology executives, and change has become a constant in recent years. Companies in the industrial sector, including manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and natural resources, have not been immune to challenges that are driving change, including technology upgrades, growing supply chain challenges and materials shortages creating issues. Industrial companies are focused less on areas such as new technology and driven more by employee experience.

SAPinsider surveyed 130 technology leaders worldwide during May and June 2022 about their top change drivers, strategies, and technologies this year. The findings were published in the CIO benchmark report “How Tech Executives are Leading Organizational and Technology Change.”

This market insight will focus on the data from respondents in the industrial sector, including how 37% are driven by integrating technologies across the business, compared to 53% of the rest of respondents. To find out what’s top of mind for technology leaders, we asked the following questions, among others:

  • What is driving change at your organization?
  • What are the op areas of change that your organization is facing?
  • What challenges do you face in driving change?
  • What do you most expect to gain from change?
  • What role to external partners play in helping manage change at your organization?
  • What role does DevOps play in your change strategy?

We’ll explore how respondents in the industrial sector differed from those in other industries, including:

  • How employee experience is impacting how leaders in the industrial sector are driving change.
  • How expectations of change differ between the industrial respondents and other industries.
  • DevOps adoption rates, how Industrial organizations compare to others, and how DevOps is increasing in popularity in the industrial sector.

The Use of DevOps for Change

Industrial sector change

Source: SAPinsider, June 2022

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